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How to enrich contacts from a LinkedIn list
How to enrich contacts from a LinkedIn list

Instant access to contact details for your prospects

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Enriching LinkedIn contacts with the Kaspr widget helps you to get the contact information of thousands of prospects in just 1 click.

With Kaspr you can export and enrich lists you've created in LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter Lite. After reading this article you will know how to successfully enrich the contacts of your prospects from a list of people on LinkedIn, in addition to setting up your enrichment workflows and lead lists.

Let's get started 🥳

First things first... let's make sure your workflows and lead lists are set up!

Create your first enrichment workflow

The enrichment workflow allows you to export and automatically enrich B2B contact data, such as emails and phone numbers, directly from LinkedIn.

🔔 A best practice for organizing your leads on Kaspr is to create an enrichment workflow before you launch your sales automation on LinkedIn. This way, you can streamline organizing and sending your leads to your CRMs.

Note: You can still launch a sales automation on LinkedIn without setting up a workflow, there are standard enrichments already available for you to use (Enrichment with Phone, Enrichment with Email Pro (AKA B2B emails), Enrichment with Email Pro and Phone, or a general Enrichment).

Continue reading to learn how to set up your enrichment workflow.

There are two types of enrichment available in the Kaspr dashboard:

  1. Mobile required

  2. B2B email required

📖 Workflow: This is the series of actions that are necessary to complete a task. Each step in the workflow has a step before it and a step after it, except for the very first and last ones.

Step 1: In the Kaspr dashboard, go to the sales automation tab and click New workflow.

Step 2: From the group of workflow templates, select Enrichment, and click Continue.

Step 3: Name your workflow and click on Kaspr Enrich LinkedIn. On the right, a side window will open.

Step 4: Choose a type of enrichment (email, phone, or both). Click Save this step.

💡 Tips :

  • If you select "Email pro required" it means we will only spend the credit if Kaspr finds at least 1 professional email. If we also have the phone number we will provide it to you.

  • If you select "Mobile required" it means we will only spend the credit if Kaspr finds at least 1 phone number. If we also have the professional email we will provide it to you.

  • If you select both "Email pro required" and "Mobile required" it means we will only spend the credit if we find both emails AND phone numbers.

  • If you don't select any criteria, we will spend the credit, no matter the information we can enrich.

Step 6 (Optional): Connect with your CRM! Click on + Attach more. On the right, a side window will open.

If you attach a block, you can send the enriched contacts to your selected integrations.

Here's how you can integrate Kaspr with your favorite tools:

Step 7: Select an integration and click Continue.

Launch your workflow

Step 1: Once you've created your workflow, click Save & publish.

Step 2: Click on Confirm to activate your workflow.

Your workflow should be published to your Kaspr dashboard, with the status button on.

Create a Lead list on your dashboard

Step 1: Go to your dashboard and open the Leads tab. Click on the Lists button and from the drop-down section select Create a new list.

Step 2: Type the name of the list, based on the category of leads you'll be saving here. Once chosen, click Create.

🔔 Now you're ready to save your leads directly to this list when you launch a sales automation! Once your automation is launched, you can check back to the list on your Leads tab to view your profiles.

Create your LinkedIn list and enrich the contacts with Kaspr

Step 1: Use the search filter on LinkedIn to filter out a list of your desired prospects, make sure the list is under the People tag.

Step 2: Click on the Kaspr widget.

Step 3: Name your automation so you can find it in the Kaspr dashboard later.

💡Tips: On Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite, you can directly go to your leads list and follow the steps below.

Step 4: Select which type of data enrichment you'd like to use.

📖 Enrichment: a term used to describe how Kaspr enables users to obtain email addresses and phone numbers. Users can "enrich" a contact's information by adding email addresses and phone numbers. You can decide whether to enrich with both B2B emails and phone numbers, or separately.

Step 5: Select the list (created previously in your Kaspr dashboard) you'd like to save your enriched contacts.
Step 6: Select Number of leads and choose the total number of leads you'd like to enrich.

Step 7: Click Launch now to start the automation and enrich your contacts.

💡 Tips: You can enrich up to 1000 contacts per search on Linkedin and 2500 contacts per search on Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite. Make sure to check the limits your plan offers.

Find your contacts in the dashboard

Step 1: Head to the Kaspr dashboard and click Sales Automation. Find your workflow.

📖 Sales Automation is a Kaspr product that enables our users to create automated scenarios to scale their prospecting activities. With Sales Automation, users can launch LinkedIn outreach automations, LinkedIn enrichment automations, and export automations.

Step 2: Click on Profiles to find your exported and enriched contacts. You can also find the enriched leads in the Leads tab, under the list you've selected during the launch of your workflow.

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