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How to enrich contacts from a LinkedIn group
How to enrich contacts from a LinkedIn group

Instant access to contact details of your prospects

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Using Kaspr to extract and enrich data from a LinkedIn group will provide targeted outreach, increased efficiency, better lead quality, competitive insights, and better networking opportunities.

In this article we'll cover innovative solutions for your business to extract and enrich contact data from a LinkedIn group.

Let's get started 🥳

🔔 Make sure your workflows and lead lists are set up. To learn how, click here.

Enrich contacts from a LinkedIn group

Step 1: Identify a group of people on LinkedIn that you'd like to outreach to and click open the Kaspr widget.

Step 2: Name your automation so you can easily find it in the Kaspr dashboard.

📖 Enrichment: term used to describe how Kaspr enables users to obtain email addresses and phone numbers. Users can "enrich" a contact's information by adding email addresses and phone numbers.

Step 3: Select the workflow type (which data enrichment you'd like to do). You can decide whether to enrich phone numbers, emails, or both.

Step 4: Select the list (previously created in Kaspr) you'd like to send your enriched contacts to.

Step 5: Under Number of leads, choose the total number of leads you would like to enrich.

Step 6: Now you're ready to launch your automation. Click Launch now.

Step 7: Access your enriched contacts in the Kaspr dashboard on the Sales automation tab, or on the Leads tab filter for your lead list.

From there, you can either send them straight to your CRM, or export as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet.

Now you know how to launch a sales automation from a LinkedIn group, enriching contact information in a few simple clicks! 🥳

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