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Kaspr’s new release and pricing - June 2023

The wait is over; the next version of Kaspr is here! 😍

Here’s what’s new:

  1. Plans & features.
  2. Unlimited B2B email addresses.
  3. Add ons.

1. Plans & features

There are new pricing plans available, and the packages have changed. We’re also pleased to launch our freemium version of Kaspr (with unlimited B2B emails included!). 😱

All our plans include:

  • CRM Integration.
  • Data enrichment automation.
  • LinkedIn outreach workflows.

Existing Kaspr customers have been given the option to upgrade to one of the new plans.

2. Unlimited B2B email addresses

Get unlimited B2B emails with Kaspr (OMG). This new feature works on both the free and paid versions of Kaspr.

On the free plan, users just need to invite three friends to join Kaspr and make sure they accept your invitation. 👇

Screenshot of refer a friend window in the Kaspr dashboard

On paid plans, unlimited B2B emails are already included in your subscription.

3. Add ons

You can now get more Kaspr add-on credits.

There are 4 types of credits:

  1. Phone number Credits.
  2. B2B email Credits
  3. Direct email Credits.
  4. Export credits.

Add-ons can be bought at any point. They renew monthly or yearly, depending on your billing cycle. 

🚨 Unused add-on credits do not roll over to the next period. Only buy what you’re going to use!